Create your own arrangment, in a very simple way

1. Build your wall base

Hang on the wall one or several wall bases so as to reach the size of your arrangement

Principle of juxtaposition of wall bases Gassien Paris

The invisible fixing system also allows you to subsequently complete your composition with other wall bases.

2. Select your boards and support brackets

Mix lengths, depths and finishes as you wish, with complete freedom: 8 board sizes and 2 desks available (depth 50cm)

Explanation on the dimensions of Gassien Paris boards
Different dimensions of the boards: width 40,60 and 80cm. Depth 15,20,30 and 50 cm. Depths 30 and 50cm do not exist for 40cm wide boards

3 – Complete with accessories

Add accessories to personalize your composition


Vase holder – 2 sizes

Towel rack – 2 sizes

Hanger holder

Computer holder

Glass rack

Vase holder

Frame holder

Available on several colors and finishes

Wall bases and accessories: 3 colors

Boards and desks: 4 finishes

For an easily move of any of the pieces

Gassien offers several integration tools

6 – Or let yourself be tempted by a turnkey configuration!