Our story

Our story

A brand, a concept

Too tall, too small, or too narrow…., finding the perfect shelving is often a nightmare. That is why Gassien created a shelving concept, wall mounted, modular, and that answers to everyone’s needs. Hybrid between storage and design, it is based on a modular system which is innovative and very simple. Gassien’s shelves consist in several parts that everyone chooses and assembles according to their needs.
Customizable, evolutionary, and refined, Gassien’s shelves answer any requirement, in any room, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the bedroom.

Made in France, quality, respect of the environment

Once we have created and developed the different elements of our concept, we selected noble materials, and chose to work with recognized know-how subcontractors, all based in France. It was the only way for us to offer a product of excellent quality and made to last.

The wall bases and the support brackets, made in France, are steel covered with an Epoxy protection.


The boards, also made in France, are composed of wood species from managed forests (solid oak, birch plywood, medium).