Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answer to your questions about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us by email: contact@gassien.com

Where are your products made?

All our products, boards, wall bases, and support brackets are made in France.

What are the boards made of? Are they protected?

The boards are made up of 4 different types of wood: white lacquered MDF, black lacquered MDF, birch plywood, and solid oak.

All our wood species come from managed forests.

What are the wall bases and the support brackets made of? Are they protected?

The wall bases are in mild steel protected by an epoxy paint, available in 3 colors: white, black, and grass.

The epoxy paint that we use does not contain heavy metals.

Should I apply a protection on the boards or on the wall base?

All our products are treated and protected by paints or varnishes.

How should I clean my shelves?

You can clean your shelves with a slightly damp cloth.

Can I install the shelves myself? Where can I find the installation instructions?

The installation is very simple and easy, you can do it yourself.

You need a level, a pencil, a drill, and a screwdriver to install the wall bases. Then you just have to plug the boards without the need for a tool. To access the installation instructions, click here.

What maximum weight can the shelves support?

The boards can support up to 15 kg evenly distributed, provided that the fixing for the wall bases are adapted to the wall material.

Can I buy the items separately? As and when?

If we propose turnkey shelves, we also propose each item (wall base, boards with support brackets) separately so as you can create your own arrangement. You also can buy the elements as and when.

I want to customize; how to do it?

To customize, do not hesitate to use our configurator

Need help customizing? Whom to contact?

If you cannot find the answer to your questions, you can contact us by email at contact@gassien.com

How many wall bases can I connect together?

You can connect as many wall bases as you want it, to be in width, in height, and even in offset.

You can also juxtapose new bases as you go along…

How many boards can I have on a wall base?

The number of boards that you can have on a wall base depends on the length of the boards and on the size of the wall bases. Please consult our Guide & Tips to know what you can do.

An item is missing, whom to contact?

If the item that you research is not on our website, contact us at contact@gassien.com

Do you have a reseller where I can see and buy your shelves?

Some of our shelves are available from different resellers.

Do you have a showroom where I can see and buy your shelves?

We do not have a showroom yet, but we hope to be able to open one very soon.

What are the delivery times of an order?

If your product is in stock and once it is shipped, it takes between 2 and 5 days in France. If you have not received your products, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@gassien.com

What are the delivery rates?

Vous pouvez retrouver l’ensemble des tarifs de livraison sur la page dédiée.

Can I follow up my order?

Each order has a tracking number which is sent to you by email as soon as your product leaves our warehouses.

Am I delivered at door (upstairs)?

Our carrier delivers your products at home and upstairs. That is why we encourage you to be very precise when entering your delivery address (codes, building…).

What is your return policy?

You have 15 days from your order to exchange your product by getting a credit valid for a period of 6 months. To know the detailed conditions, consult Delivery and returns

How to return my product?

If you wish to return your product, contact us by email at contact@gassien.com with your order number.

Is the creation of a Customer account required to order?

It is not required but recommended to manage more easily your orders, follow up your histories and be informed of our news and special operations.

Do you save my bank details?

We do not save your bank details to which we do not have access. It is our payment service provider which takes care of that aspect. Your data are perfectly secure.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard cards.

Do you offer payment facilities?

We offer to make your payment in several installments free of charge for orders between €100 and €2000. This service is offered with our partner Alma.

Is the payment method secure?

Our payment method is fully secure.